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In Rememberence

28 Feb


Feel the Burn

27 Feb

Training has ramped back up following what seemed to be a long recovery week. Ironically I felt like I had a lot of energy and by the end of the week was itching to get back into the hard training. That extra energy certainly came in handy this week. Our training schedules and intensity bumped up a notch and so did the weather.

Saturday’s ride in Cartersville started off slightly chilly, but by the end I could have shed all of my layers and been comfortable in a tri-top and shorts. The sun was shining and the temperature in the unshaded portions felt like 80 degrees.

By then time I finished the subsequent 20 minute run, I was toast. The moment I finished running my quads started the pre cramp twitching which make walking almost impossible. Luckily though, someone brought a box of Cheese Its. Between 3-4 handfulls of those and polishing off the rest of my fluids, I was able to walk normally again.

Right before turning in for the night Saturday, I checked the mirror. Yup, sunburned cheeks. It’s the end of February. Already time to break out the sunscreen.

Settling In

12 Feb

One more long ride, 50 miles tomorrow and we start our first recovery week. Roughly six weeks into training and all is well. Despite the cold temps, rain, snow, ice, drizzle we’ve knocked out the first chunk of training. With the exception of tripping on a crack in the sidewalk this morning on our run, I have not been any training accidents/incidents, knock on wood.

As we are settling into a groove with training, my own life has begun to settle in as well. My new job, while not easy, is less a source of anxiety than when I first started and beyond that, I am within the 7 week mark for completing my MBA.

I am tremendously excited to reach these milestones over the course of this year and it brings a smile (or maybe a smirk) to my face to briefly look back on the previous year.

The memories and bonds we are creating and making stronger through training/fundraising together are incredibly humbling. 50+ Ironman hopefuls supporting each other through our various mental and physical roadblocks is a powerful thing. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be taking this journey with my IronTeam.

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