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Pushing Through

18 Apr

Last week was a “Recovery Week”. All of our workouts were scaled back a bit and we even had a day completely free of any training. The ironic part about last week was how incredibly TIRED I felt. Well, I’m still tired, but last week I simply could not find much energy.

It’s kind of funny, but now that school is done, it feels like I have even MORE on my plate. My fundraising efforts have kind of been on the backburner while in school, but it’s now time to focus on that. I’m not gonna lie, it’s a little daunting. (What IS that saying BTW “I’m not gonna lie…”?)

Anyways, I could use a little break. A few days away from the routine. Just to reset and refocus.

There was a brief moment after getting coffee this morning when I stood by my car and watched the sunrise in the distance, it was relaxing and energizing all at once…

Nothing is weighing me down. I will push through.


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