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Anxiety Much?

10 Jan

This morning I woke up, completely wide awake at around 6am.

Wish I knew someone who is a professional dream interpreter. Although I’m pretty sure it’s just a result of all the information I’m trying to cram into my brain all at once.

A few pieces from the crazy dream:

  • George Hincapie was at the IM AZ practice swim with me and egging me on that I couldn’t keep up.
  • I started swimming but as I put my hand in the water to stroke, I felt a pine tree in my way so I started “running” on the tree. “This is going to be a piece of cake swim if there are logs/trees for me to run on.” (I had swimming fins on too)
  • I finished the swim and ended up on my parents cabin (!?).
  • We chatted and all of a sudden I realized it was 5:30pm. The race was supposed to start at 3pm.
  • I ran down to the water/dock which looked like the Jacksonville Landing freaking out. Oh and it was dusk. That stood out in my mind for some reason.
  • “How in the world am I gonna make up all that time?!?!”
  • Pam was there. “Don’t worry, now you can just go hit on chicks in the crowd” (I wasn’t interested in that, I just wanted to race!)

Then I woke up. It’s so strange to really feel those intense feelings of anxiety in a dream. They felt so real.

Perhaps they are the feelings our brains want to feel on a daily basis, but suppress them so we are not lunatics in public?

I hope I don’t miss the start of the Ironman in November.  😉


Marathon Day

8 Jan

Today officially kicked off the first day of training for IronTeam. I say officially because I did tomorrow’s workout yesterday leaving Sunday open because there is another blizzard headed for Atlanta.

Between learning all there is to learn about geo-technical/environmental software last week and today’s 6 hour long IronTeam information meeting my brain is overloaded. Surprisingly no smoke is pouring out of me ears. Yet. MBA classes resume Monday. Assuming the city has come to a complete standstill over a few inches of powder on the ground.

6 Hours. A TON of information. A couple of really broad concepts I took away. 1) I need a heart rate monitor. 2) Nurtritionally I’m going to be able to CHOW DOWN. But damn, SIX FREAKIN’ HOURS. Hopefully I will have finished the run portion of IM AZ in less time that. (I better).

5 Mile run following the meeting. Great day for it. Down by the river.

I’m overwhelmed with all the information I’ve been trying to shove into my brain in the last week and for a moment I was a little anxious about Ironman. But I’m ready to do this.

Bring It.

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