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9 Mar

Well it finally hit.

9 straight weeks of training, a new job and MBA classes combined with a light cold this week finally took it’s toll.

I had to say no. No swim tonight. No studying and no work at home.

Just me, a couple friends and a little Tropic Thunder.


My friends for the evening: Tall and slender, or short and curvy. Good thing I didn't have to choose one over the other.


Funny which line that struck me the most while watching: “Pump your brakes kid, you about to cross a line”

But seriously, it rang true with me today. Going to swim tonight would have crossed a line and perhaps pushed me to a point where it was not enjoyable. I dread that. Until now I have looked forward to almost each and every workout. Until now I’ve looked forward to class. So far I luckily continue to look forward to work.

It was great to really just shut down completely for a few hours and not push my brain or my body. It’s only March, November is a long way off. “Knowing thyself” is taking on a whole new meaning these days.


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